Amar Das

Pre and Postnatal Yoga & Yoga Doula Training 2018/2019

Pre and Postnatal Yoga & Yoga Doula Training  / Ausbildung Yogalehrerin für Schwangerschaft und Rückbildung & Yoga Doula

Beginn mit Modul 1 – 12.-14. Oktober 2018
. Letztes Modul 12.-14. Juni 2019

Unterlagen und Infos über die Ausbildung auf Anfrage.
Susana Sat Kirn / Julika Balprem:


Open to ALL, the Yoga Doula training is a comprehensive, theoretical and practical, non-medical curriculum to become a Yoga Doula. The training offers you a deep self-knowledge experience and a transformational journey. The training gives you knowledge to support to mother and family from conception to weaning as a Yoga Doula.


Traditionally the Yoga Doula may serve as a Conscious Pregnancy Yoga Teacher, an empowering Birth Companion, and as a Postpartum Helper to care and “Mother the Mother” during the first 6 weeks after birth. For all this stages of becoming a mother and father, the Yoga Doula will apply Yoga and Humanology tools (applied Ayurveda wisdom) to facilitate and support the steps into maternity and parenthood.

After the postnatal period, the Yoga Doula will offer Postnatal Mama & Baby Yoga and support the transition from motherhood back to women & couple life.


The Kundalini Yoga Doula School (KYDS) is founded by Gurujagat Kaur, senior kundalini yoga teacher & Lead trainer and based on Yogi Bhajan teachings.



  • "Happiness is your birthright."
    Yogi Bhajan