Free meeting for teachers with experienced teachers and trainers.
During the teacher training you learned a lot about yoga and yogic humanology. You have learned the basics and guiding principles for a teacher and now you can apply them. However, there are often gaps between theory and practice and you encounter situations in which you feel that the teachings do not provide the necessary information or solutions. The forum “Teachers for Teachers” should help you to address them and to find viable solutions.

Each meeting will be attended by experienced teachers and trainers who, together with the group, will review these teaching and life situations on the basis of their experiences and work out a best practice based on yogic and universal knowledge. This allows everyone to grow in his/her role as a teacher and strengthen the Sangat.

In addition to the topics you bring with you, there will also be a focus on individual topics.

The meeting takes place once a quarter.
Next date: in Autumn 2021, 18-20:30
Free participation. Please register in advance.

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Amar Das

Amar Das