For the Age of Aquarius, Yogi Bhajan gave a very special sequence for the morning practice that we do in Kundalini Yoga: The so-called Aquarian Sadhana. But what does sadhana actually mean and what is an aquarian sadhana in Kundalini Yoga? And why is the practice in the morning in the yogic tradition supposed to have a special impact and effectiveness? Let’s get to the root of the questions.

The meaning of the word sadhana and what we can deduce from it
There are two closely related Sanskrit terms which serve to explain the background of a sadhana. “Sadh” means to approach a goal in a straightforward and disciplined way. The term “Sadhu” is used for a person who follows a spiritual path in a disciplined manner. With a regular Sadhana we pursue a certain goal and the continuity, which requires a certain degree of discipline, plays a big role in the achievement of the aim. We may know from ourselves how difficult it is to change fixed patterns. Even if we set ourselves such a high goal and wish for it, change does not succeed overnight and rarely without setbacks. Attending yoga classes on a regular basis can have a noticeable effect on our lives and behaviour. But we probably also notice how easily we are cut off from this connection. As soon as you are back in the circle of your family or at work, the intentions seem to be blown away. A solid foundation, continuity and commitment to a steady practice, ideally in the morning hours and in a group, can strengthen you in your endeavour.

Therefore a regular sadhana is a discipline of self-confrontation, self-assessment and self-renewal that helps us to stay in touch every day with ourselves, Creator and Creation, our own infinite truth and the higher self.

About the Aquarian Sadhana in Kundalini Yoga and Amar The Kundalini Yoga Center
The Age of Aquarius confronts us in a special and complex way. In order to deal with these influences and to grow within them, Yogi Bhajan brought the science and techniques of Kundalini Yoga to the West. At the same time he taught his students the steady flow of the morning yoga practice: The Aquarian Sadhana. It includes reciting the Japji, the morning prayer of Guru Nanak (first Sikh Guru), practicing a Kundalini Yoga series (Kriya) and chanting a fixed sequence of seven mantra meditations for about 60 minutes. We would like to invite you to integrate sadhana into your life and open our center every Friday and every first Sunday of the month for practicing together. So you can also be part of the Aquarian Sadhana group at Amar Das Kundalini Yoga Centre in Vienna.

Integrating the yogic tradition of sadhana into everyday life in the West
Yogic literature prescribes a 2.5-hour daily sadhana. According to karmic laws you give 10 percent of your time to the Divine and get 100 percent of the same energy back for the rest of the day (10 percent from 24 h ≈ 2.5 h). The best time for sadhana is the early morning hours before sunrise. The so-called ambrosial hours or also Amrit Vela fall depending upon season in the period of 3:00 -7:00 in the morning. During this time the energy (Prana) in the magnetic field of the Earth is very pure and powerful and the human energy system is particularly receptive. The nocturnal regeneration process of the organs is completed from around 3:00 a.m. and the pulmonary meridian is particularly active, which supports the absorption of prana. So it is not surprising that in all spiritual traditions the energy of the early morning hours is used for practice.

Now you might ask yourself how this discipline can be integrated into your life. Of course, 2.5 hours in the early morning and in a group are optimal. If you cannot participate in any group sadhana, it is still advisable to integrate an individual sadhana practice. In terms of duration, only you can estimate how much time you can really spare. It is important to develop a daily practice at all. Even an 11-minute meditation or 45-60-minute Kriya, practiced daily, can bring about a noticeable change. It is really important to stay with it every day and make it a devotional discipline. This is the only way to change your life through sadhana.

After a Kundalini Yoga class, our teachers will be happy to help you if you have any questions about your own practice. To the timetable


 “Sadhana gives you intuition.
It will give you clarity and well-being for your day…”

Yogi Bhajan

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