Yogi Bhajan inspired women to develop their original feminine power: “I want women to be strong.” He helped women develop physical strength, cultivate sensitivity and unfold their inner radiance to better cope with everyday life. Thousands of women have been inspired to find their self-confidence, to become more confident, to uphold and defend their dignity and thus to stand up for themselves and shape their own lives. Guru Amar Das, the 3rd Guru of the Sikhs and the eponym of our centre, also fought for women’s rights in the 15th century.

That is why women’s yoga is so valuable
Women who stand in life need strength for everyday activities, especially women who are at the beginning of a new phase in life and are confronted with challenges. Yoga for Women in Amar Das is an opportunity to retreat and recharge your batteries, strengthen your intuition and sharpen your awareness of your femininity. Kundalini Yoga focuses on self-awareness and self-strength. Yogakriyas, breathing and meditation techniques help to unfold the feminine primal power and to recognize one’s own infinity. The group’s feminine energy develops a special effect, which we also become aware of in everyday life. It is evident again and again that when women decide to be together, when sharing and connecting turns decesive, they can achieve even more than they already do as daily lone fighters.

Structure of a class
Yogi Bhajan inspired and taught women on a wide variety of subjects. At the beginning of each class we take up a theme, share his teachings in short sentences and practice a special Kundalini Yoga Kriya, following a relaxation, deep meditation in the common women’s circle, for more peace, serenity, intuition, inspiration, strength and growth.

Your team: Brigitte Sat Kirtan, Jutta Siri Hari, Christiana Adesh Simrat


“Every woman has an innate capacity to tackle anything.
She lives in the center of her being.”
Yogi Bhajan









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