Basic knowledge about the gong, its history and effect, basic and continuing techniques of gong playing, individual and group application, theory and practice of sound massage, dealing with singing bowls, gongbath, gongyoga exercises in different contexts, Introduction to the playing technique of shell horns and Indian flutes, Spiritual Free Jazz, Free Improvisation, Multi-Instrumentality, Mantra Singing, Gong-inspired Mantras, Shrutibox Singing, Work with other sound instruments, Certification

The participation in the gong and singing bowls training is a unique opportunity to get to know the deep and comprehensive world of the gong and singing bowls. The training not only allows you to learn the playing techniques and theory, but above all you can build up your own relationship to these instruments, which opens a door for many new possibilities of action.  With many individual and couple exercises, the participants encourage themselves to unleash their creative potential and transcend their own boundaries. Join our sound family and fall in love with the sound to give it to others.

The two modules take place on 4 days each, 2 days gong and 2 days singing bowl training.
Both trainings can be booked separately.


For participation in both training courses the costs are € 990.00.

For registration until 31.7.2020 € 880.-

If you decide to attend only one training (gong or singing bowl), you will be charged an amount of

€ 545.00 or € 495.00 with the early booking bonus.


Dariusz Domanowski (Sunder Kirtan Singh)
is a gong teacher and player and Kundalini Yoga teacher.
In the years 2007 – 2013 he completed the singing bowl training after Peter Hess and the gong training after Don Conreaux as well as the numerous workshops in the area of GongYoga and Gong e.g. with Dr. Herbert Seitz. For over 12 years Dariusz and his wife Alena have been organizing events of various kinds: gong baths, gong pujas, concerts and gong trainings.



Christian Navarro (Nirmal Singh)
has been working with singing bowls in individual and group work for more than 20 years. He has been leading gong and singing bowl trainings in China. Is Kundalini Yoga teacher and trainer, leads spiritual families constellations and combines shamanic techniques in this work.


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