Yoga has become an indispensable part of our world today. It is part of the modern lifestyle and has become the cornerstone of an entire industry. Different yoga styles and forms of practicing are available to us. Meditation and breathing techniques have become suitable to society. Concerts with mantras and kirtan fill entire halls. Apart from what is understood by yoga today, we would like to talk a little about the millennia-old origins.

Yoga as a compass for being
Yoga has its origin in human experience. There have been times when entire civilizations have lived by these techniques long and energetically, free from the violence and diseases so common today. Yoga has always been practiced in order to balance the qualities of each person in harmony with their individual talents and abilities. The original idea of yoga was to let people become one.

Development of one’s own potential
There were wise people who were known for their modesty, righteousness and efficiency. It is said that many of these yogis were able to transcend the limits of their physical capacities and perceptions. In Sanskrit there is a separate term for these abilities – the so-called siddhis. But this does not necessarily need to be the goal of regular yoga practice. It can be seen much more as a valuable tool for accompanying one’s own development and for personal fulfillment. So it is not surprising that people with a regular yoga practice often report changes in their lives. But yoga cannot guarantee a better or easier life. In the end, this path is just a part of your experience in this life.

The goal of Yoga
According to the yogic principle, illness and human health are determined by the life energy (prana). This approach is easy to explain. Man is therefore a systematic unit of energy. He can perceive, receive, and change the entire energy spectrum that is everywhere in the cosmos. The stimulation and control of this energy is the goal of yoga. It expresses the true essence of consciousness that is essential for the development and optimal functioning of the nervous system. This is the Kundalini energy.
More about Kundalini Yoga

In AMAR DAS you can get to know and practice Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. See our timetable and learn more about our drop-in classes. Changing events, workshops and trainings of the AMAR DAS Academy can also accompany your personal path.

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