From gentle to dynamic: From three sessions per week you can choose the class that suits your needs best. Hatha Yoga, as well as Kundalini Yoga, is practiced here free of any performance thought. In the asana practice you will only be guided into the physical exercises by experienced teachers as far as it is suitable for you at this moment. So during the classes remain completely within you, your breathing and feel what is now. With regular practice you will quickly notice progress in your flexibility and perhaps integrate more serenity into your life. To the timetable

This is why Hatha Yoga is so valuable
Long sitting, little movement and shallow, unconscious breathing – many people identify themselves with this description. The body reacts with pain, shortening, immobility, feeling of stress and the mind can hardly become still. Hatha Yoga has many qualities and aspects that can help people to become more flexible, stretched and mentally calm and prevent long-term consequences. But Hatha Yoga can also be an ideal complementary experience for people who already practice Kundalini Yoga. Because here we focus on the correct performance of the Asanas (body exercises), find suitable auxiliary techniques and support the individual stretching. This allows you to remain longer in the postures of a Kundalini Yoga Kriya with a different lightness. In addition, muscle building should always go hand in hand with adequate stretching, whereby Hatha Yoga can also provide a good balance for athletic people.

Sequence of a Hatha Yoga class
The main focus is on postures and stretches, the so-called asanas and suitable sequences. They help to achieve more flexibility, mobility and strength and have an additional effect on certain areas of your body (physical and subtle). Pranayama, breathing exercises, also flow into the class. We end the class lying down in Shavasana or with a short final meditation in a sitting position, where the practice is integrated and the system can come to rest.

Your team: Christian Nirmal – Marijke Tej Viriam – Ahed

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Amar Das

Amar Das