Yoga for children from 3 years upwards with their parents, grandparents, relatives and friends – young and old. Everyone is very welcome! If you are attending family yoga for the first time, please register in advance. To the timetable

That’s why family yoga is so valuable
In addition to the great fun factor for young and old, yoga suitable for children can contribute to a better body feeling, creativity and confidence building. Practicing together creates even more closeness between the child and the accompanying person, for that reason not only parents are invited to participate. In the group you will discover the effect of different exercises, learn how to relax with breath and sound and get to know different mantras. Maybe even friendships will develop that will last beyond the class. In Yoga for Children, the children older that 6 see each other again in order to do yoga without an accompanying person and to experience further elements.

Structure of the class
Together we will experience many exciting yoga adventures and get to know yoga in a playful way. We will roar like lions, hiss like snakes, sneak like Indians, fly like dragons, witch like magicians, shine like the sun and dance like Balu the bear, rub our backs against tree trunks and enjoy life. Important elements in family yoga are confidence and partner exercises, massages, breathing exercises, games, relaxation and above all joy and fun in being together.

Your team: Sandra Gopal Ajeet, Susana Sat Kirn


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Amar Das

Amar Das