Postnatal yoga for mothers with babies from 6 weeks up to one year after birth. Our team of teachers is specially trained and looks forward to spending colourful hours with you and your baby. Drop-in class. Please register when you come for the first time. To the timetable

That’s why yoga is so valuable during the postnatal period
The puerperium (first 6-8 weeks after birth) is a precious time in which the mother should be “mothered” in order to regain strength after the birth. The baby can explore its new world in a calm and safe atmosphere, where it can be given a safe foundation and get to know each other. Therefore we ask mothers to come to yoga after the puerperium in order to support the body. The exercises serve your pelvic floor, strengthen and release tension in your shoulder and neck muscles, and they also help to rebuild your abdominal muscles and strengthen your nervous system to cope with all the changes associated with family growth.

Structure of the class
In our classes, mom and baby follow their own rhythm. Breastfeed, sleep, wrap: All this is possible. There are also plenty of toys available or the babies are involved in the exercises. Every class is different. In the different exercises, we focus on the back and shoulders and offer suitable exercises for the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles. Meditations, breathing exercises and mantras can also be part of a class. At the end there is also a cosy relaxation time.

Your baby is older than twelve months or already too active for Postnatal Yoga? Just bring your baby or toddler to the class Mama / Papa does Yoga.

Your team: Christine Santosh – Daniela Anter – Marjike Tej Viriam – Susana Sat Kirn


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Amar Das

Amar Das