Bring your baby or toddler (1-3 years) to a regular Kundalini Yoga class. Drop-in class for moms and dads. If this is your first time, please register in advance. Timetable

That’s why yoga is so valuable for moms and dads with babies or toddlers
Your child is already too mobile for Postnatal Yoga, too young for Family Yoga or Yoga for Children? With Mama/Papa doing Yoga we offer a regular Kundalini Yoga session (1 hour) for mothers and/or fathers with child (1-3 years). While you are doing yoga, your child can move, observe, play and discover the space. So you can devote yourself to your yoga practice and spend time with your child at the same time. It is fun for children to share toys. You are welcome to bring and share toys and the like.

Structure of the class
The classes are planned according to the usual practice of a Kundalini Yoga class: After tuning in, we practice one or more series of exercises (kriya), enjoy a relaxation phase and conclude the session with a meditation. We finish the class tuning out. Of course, your child and you will have enough space to meet your own needs. The life with offspring often requires great flexibility and we let this aspect also flow into this class. Thus, the actual process is flexible and depends on the individual rhythm of the group.

Your team: Christine Santosh


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Amar Das

Amar Das