Prenatal Yoga is specially designed to meet the needs of mothers-to-be. You can start at any time, no matter in which week you are. A team of experienced and specially trained teachers will guide you through the exercises. Registration only required the first time. To the timetable

That’s why yoga is so valuable to pregnant women
A woman experiences great changes during pregnancy. Giving birth is a borderline experience and requires strength, endurance, flexibility, relaxation, inner peace, intuition, devotion, openness and gentleness. All these qualities are promoted by pregnancy yoga.

Asanas and meditation can alleviate common complaints such as heartburn, swelling in the legs, digestive problems, hormonal imbalances and anxiety. The pregnant woman gets to know herself better, she perceives how she deals with stressful situations.

Yoga helps mothers-to-be to gain a natural relationship to birth and to recognize that the power to bear a child lies in the nature of things and that it is a gift to be able to experience birth in a conscious way.

Yoga can also be wonderful for postnatal recovery. Learn more about our weekly Mama & Baby Yoga classes, where mothers from the Prenatal Yoga class can meet again for Postnatal Yoga with baby.

Structure of the class
We welcome ourselves in the women’s circle and after tuning in we practice different exercises, which are adapted to the needs of pregnant women. Deep conscious breathing, meditation, mantras, singing and dancing can also flow into a class. Each class ends with a deep relaxation and is finished by tuning out together. During the class there will also be the opportunity to exchange current thoughts and topics about pregnancy, birth and childbirth. If you have any complaints, please inform the teacher before the class so that we can best meet your needs.

Your team: Christine Santosh – Daniela Anter – Marjike Tej Viriam – Susana Sat Kirn


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Amar Das

Amar Das